The Now and The Not Yet by Jamie Howard

“The Now and The Not Yet” is a newly released 12 song LP album that chronicles the walk of faith in the lives of believers. Each song, rooted in scripture, bares out the process of putting one’s trust in God even in the midst of challenging circumstances. The musical journey begins with the concept of standing on the promises of the Almighty. It causes us to look back at the faithfulness of God and look ahead with confidence that He will be with us every step of the way. This core truth remains as each song inspires us to live like tomorrow isn’t promised and “dance to the melody that Heaven is sure to play”. Musically, the style is eclectic contemporary with elements of rock, R&B and even a country flare. The project, literally years in the making, is a labor of love. I pray that it will speak to your soul, and that the lyric will come alive in your spirit and bring you hope. 


Be blessed!



Ways to listen

The Album, The Now and the Not Yet, is available on several streaming platforms. Here are just a few.

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